Reduce Cost

Fulfill Standards

Operational Efficiency

Why choose eTactica for your electricity measurements?

Our products are unique in many ways. We have probably the smallest power meter in the world, our power bar does not take up any din rail space inside a electrical cabinet and our gateway is basically a Linux computer that can be used to connect to nearly any system available in the market, allowing you to collect all kinds of data.

No vendor lock-in

In the IoT market, as well as energy management, it is very common that companies, that want to collect big amount of data, need to rely on one big vendor. This means that they are required to use a certain software solution alongside a very expensive hardware, in order to be able to use the collected data in their advantage. However, by choosing eTactica, for your electricity measurements, you are NOT required to use a specific software solution or IoT platform. This is why we consider us to be no vendor lock-in and we are proud of it.

Fullfill Standards

Energy Management is not all about cost savings and operational efficiency. Increased CO2 emission in the world has resulted in in tightened environmental standards in many countries. In some cases it is even mandatory for companies and public institutions to reduce their CO2 emission. One of the most common environmental standard today is ISO 50001. To receive that standard, one of the requirements is energy monitoring and the eTactica hardware can be used by nearly all companies, regardless of which EMS or BMS they are currently using.

Easy installation

Based on our many years experience, it can be very expensive to start collecting data, both in terms of hardware installation as well as software setup. In order to minimize this cost and setup time, we have our own pre-made modbus cables and „built-in“ software wizard in our gateway. So, by choosing eTactica, the setup process for your projects simply become a „plug and play“.

Operational Efficiency

By monitoring the electricity usage of your machineries and other equipment like HVACs for example, you are able to detect various errors. The fact that eTactica is a „non vendor“ lock-in equipment means that you can use our devices with nearly all EMS or BMS systems. These systems can send you overload alerts, detect load deviation and therefore you can anticipate critical equipment failures or receive reports to stay up to date about usage, trends and allocated costs.

Low cost measurements

We know that big data is highly relevant in todays context of both IoT as well as energy management and we designed our products with that in mind. For instance, you can connect up to 32 devices to one single eTactica gateway which means that you can receive data from 372 circuits (MCBs) by using our power bars. We know that in the end, the price for your measurements, is also depended on the software platform you use to visualize the data you collect but by using our hardware, solely or in combination with other, you can be sure that the cost for each measured data point, is as low as possible.

Reduce Cost

When looking at energy consumption in buildings, electricity is the resource that is most expensive. Being able to identify where all the electricity is being consumed can have a huge impact on the operations in all buildings.

By measuring your electricity usage with eTactica, down to a branch level, enables you to categorize, visualize and define information, which is crucial to take informed decisions that can have serious impact on the financial side of your operations.

Simple Installation, No Vendor “lock-in” and Highly Scalable

eTactica helps organisations understand their energy usage, state, and health, as well as organise and analyse that data in a relevant context. The ability to measure electricity down to the branch level and visualise usage on each device, results in improved operational efficiency. It also supports energy and cost savings by being able to detect any inefficiencies, abnormalities, trends, overloads, and more.

Our products can be used with nearly all BMS, EMS or SCADA systems and the setup process is very simple.


Collect all measurement data in a single Gateway with a built-in message broker using standard Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP and MQTT interfaces, as well as Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.



Use the Power Meter to measure the mains switches MCCBs of any brand up to 3000A, using a standard Modbus-RTU to provide voltage, current, power factor and frequency data for 1-3 phases.



The EB is a compact AC current and power measurement platform. Providing an industry standard Modbus/RTU interface, each device has a unique identifier, easily allowing integration into your existing Modbus infrastructure.



Our Split Core CT´s are used with EM Power Meters and ES Current Meters. It is available in three window sizes and rated for 80A to 500A.



The premade Modbus cables by eTactica, are a set of cables design to make it easier to set up Modbus devices that use Molex connectors.



Our Flexible Coils are used with EM Power Meters. There are three types available, rated for 1000A to 3000A.


Case Studies

eTactica is trusted by renowned business all over the world …and here are few examples

“To secure our quality services, we monitor every aspect of our energy usage. With eTactica we monitor every circuit to gain detailed information“.

Hartmann Kárason
Director of Operations.

Total savings in electricity usage was 7% for 1/3 of their total building area. They also use eTactica to monitor their pumps to anticipate failure.

“eTactica continuosly provides us with new information to make it possible for us to track energy trends in detail and make measurable energy savings“.

Þórarinn Ævarsson
CEO IKEA Iceland

The overall decline in lighting cost , over a 4 months period, was 10%


“With eTactica, CCP can monitor electricity usage, all year round. We watch our load, ventilation and lighting“.

Sigfriður Sigurðardóttir
Office Manager

Within two months, CCP were able to reduce there electricity cost by 41% on lighting and 31% on air conditioning.


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