2020 updates - Top five list | eTactica

2020 updates – Top five list

Us at eTactica always put primary focus on the value generated by our solutions for our customer and partners. This also includes feature upgrade selection. Based on customer feedback the following feature upgrades of our Gateway made it to top 5 list for 2020.

Top five list:

  • New streamlined UI: We made the new UI with our various user needs in mind. We manage to make it easier, smarter and prettier.
  • Integration with Dexma software: Setup made easier, just enter your Dexma account details and the data starts to flow to your account.
  • Data Output to DB: The Output-DB service allows writing any of the aggregate interval data to be sent directly to a compatible SQL server.
  • Output-statsD: Can stream live measurements to any compatible StatsD server, such as Telegraf (with influxDB) or Graphite (with Grafana).
  • Secure Remote access: The myetactica.com system provides secure, remote access to each and every new eTactica gateway device sold.

We listen

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a need for a new feature for your eTactica Gateway. Contact us at info@etactica.com