About eTactica

With over ten years of experience, eTactica are experts in energy management solutions. We’re proud to be part of green energy’s past and we look forward to it’s future

Karl Pálsson, CTO
Karl Pálsson, CTO

Focused on goals that matter

We’re known for optimizing any business’ energy consumption with tested and reliable hardware and software — all at an attractively low CaPex.

We know that sustainable Energy Management Systems are possible within every sector of industry — we’ve designed the hardware and software to make this happen

Our innovations come from our partnerships

Through constant innovation and ideation, we actively collaborate with our partners so that our energy management systems remain efficient, practical solutions to meet the needs of companies big and small

Designed in Iceland, manufactured in Denmark

  • Ahead of curve industrial design
  • Nordic build quality
  • 2 patents pending
Designed in Iceland, manufactured in Denmark

Our story


eTactica is born

In 2009 we started out with the goal to help electricians monitor their equipment. It was then that we learned the power of data, and we knew we could do more. So, we did


eTactica creates the Power Bar

We designed a power meter that takes no space on a DIN-rail. The meter is easy to mount and it fits on top of all standard circuit breakers


Injection for growth

Our growth was funded by Eyrir Invest, a venture capital fund with equity of over €400M, that holds controlling stakes in various Icelandic technology companies.

Eyrir has a history of investing in companies that have the potential to become global market leaders due to their clear technological leadership and vision


200+ implementations

We’ve reached 200+ Energy Management System implementations with energy savings up to 40%