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Energy Management Consultancy as a Service

eTactica is proud to announce that we are now providing Energy Management Consultancy as a service to guide organisations in managing their energy usage

Everyone’s challenge

With our sophisticated yet simple to use energy monitoring solution, we have for several years provided our partners and clients with the energy intelligence they need in both their daily and long-term operations. What we have also seen is that local staff has in many cases limited time or training to make the best use of this intelligence, which can lead to energy saving opportunities being left on the table. With our solution, much of the analysis can be automated, particularly that relating to day-to-day operation. Trends are detected and the right people are notified of any deviations that need attention. The long-term energy strategy, couple with input to the maintenance department, is one area where a human analyst can make the difference, and this is where our consultancy services shine.

What we can do for you

Some examples of what we can do for you and/or your clients:

1. Identify saving opportunities that will enable to comply with your local environmental regulations

2. Help you set up alerts and other event detection based on the specifics of your operations, be it retail, manufacturing, or otherwise

3. Identify all unusual changes in energy consumption or other parameters

4. Identifying your peak-load profile and the steps needed to ensure you stay below the peak at all times

5. Identify unusual outside hours of energy usage behavior

6. Analyse usage and efficiency of your critical systems, such as production machines or freezers

7. Identify problems in systems, for example with machinery, for example pressure leakage, heat control, and load management.

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