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eTactica partner up with and resell Dexma

We are proud to announce our partnership with Dexma Energy Management Software. Our cooperation helps partners and customers to achieve goals they could only dream about before.

Best of Both Worlds

Our submetering hardware solution helps customers gain more and deeper insight into their energy consumption. Coupled with the intelligence of the Dexma software, the customer will maximize their opportunities to cut costs and carbon footprint.

“Dexma sees a strong potential to grow our business in the submetering space with innovative technologies like eTactica’s submeters and other hardware. We’re excited to partner together to help our mutual customers optimize their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.” —Joan Pinyol, CEO of Dexma.

Tailor the solution to achieve your goals at minimum cost.

By upgrading our firmware to fit perfectly and using all the intelligence capabilities of the Dexma software, we have a solution that helps customers tailor their solution to their needs. Dexma leverages its AI, benchmarking, and reporting automation capabilities to stand out from the competition. These features make the user life easier and secure great results.

“Our open platform communication firmware allows you to pick and choose the data points you need to send to the software to achieve your goals—without sending and paying for data points that you don’t need. When this comes with our solution, which secures the lowest CapEx and fastest installation speed, you can’t miss your goals.” —Sævar Haukdal, Business Development Manager, eTactica.

Reselling and service Dexma.

We are reselling Dexma software to our partners and direct customers. To benefit our partners and customers, we have added resources to our team to secure great services on the Dexma software platform.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.