eTactica Shore Connection Solution (SCS)

eTactica’s Shore-Connection Solution (SCS) eliminates work for harbour staff, enables accurate tracking of consumption, and generates overload alerts.


On-vessel production of electricity in harbours causes significant emission in terms of both noise and pollutants. The more environmentally friendly option of a shore connection is therefore receiving interest from local communities, harbour management, and regulators. Traditionally, there have been significant challenges with making shore connections, discouraging their use:

Cost: Connections are frequently made manually by harbour staff at significant cost to both harbour and vessel owners. Further, poor measurement of energy use means that not all consumption can be invoiced, generating a loss.
Safety: Overloads occur frequently both on individual connections and in the mains that feed individual peers. Such overloads can cause damages on-vessel and on-shore. Typically, no alerts are available that could mitigate this occurrence.


eTactica’s SCS is an energy monitoring, control, and communications system that streamlines the connection and invoicing process. Once a vessel has berthed, on-board staff identify the ship via RFID or SMS. The SCS then automatically opens up the connection and monitors the load and energy consumption. Once on-board staff indicate departure, the SCS sends a report on the consumption during the connection time. This process eliminates the need for manual intervention by harbour staff, enables accurate tracking of consumption, and generates overload alerts to both harbour and vessel when required, encouraging the increasing use of shore connections over on-vessel power production.

If you have any questions or if you see potentials for the Shore Connection Solution in your market, please contact for more information.


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