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How to successfully pass regulatory energy efficiency requirements?

Understanding the regulatory requirements and expect them to be harder next time you revisit them is a good way to start with right mindset.

Dream big with right data

An ambitious high level goal with access to the right data, along with resourcefulness and persistency, are the keys to project success. Having detailed data at the right frequency from the key energy consumers is needed.  Without this, it is difficult if not impossible to track the impact of each improvement project, and get buy-in from stakeholders.

Maximize your potential by minimizing negative impacts

When starting an energy efficiency project the energy efficiency manager needs to understand the business needs, to achieve results without jeopardizing business outcome.

The first projects should be the ones that don’t effect staff comfort. The obvious targets here could be the waste generated by the HVAC systems and lights usage during off hours in the office or factory. Different methods might be needed  from floor to floor or building to building due to different businesses needs at each location.

Project focus

Focusing on a lower energy consumption baseline for each field measured is the key of long term success. That should be done with optimization methods and renewal of electric equipment.  By focusing on consumption peaks you might be able to lower the energy bill quite a bit due the fact that many energy contracts are based on peak needs.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

The most common pitfall in energy efficiency projects occur when repeated saving tasks the employee’s responsibility. That isn’t because the employee doesn’t care, it is most often just a small part of their daily workload and therefor can be forgotten. It can also happen that handover is overlooked when a new person takes on the role.

Automation of repeatable tasks, having results visual for all employees and preferably also for customers should get everyone from top management to floor workers onboard.

The energy efficiency manager has succeeded when sustainability become a part of the DNA of the business.


No one can expect long term success of energy efficiency project without having:

  1. Really good understanding of the requirements.
  2. Right level of data to see and share the progress with others.
  3. Getting all stakeholders on board getting energy efficiency into the DNA of the organization.

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