New product release: The eTactica PowerSync

Over the last 12 months we have been working on the development of a set of new products, collectively called the eTactica PowerSync. We are proud to announce that the PowerSync is now ready to ship!

The new products

PowerSync: The PowerSync consists of eTactica’s Gateway (EG-200), new Power Meter (EM-SC/FC) and the new Power Bar (EB-3XX). The Gateway synchronizes¬†voltage measurements on mains with current measurements on branches, allowing power and other quantities per branch to be calculated. This data can then be delivered to any configured service (any BMS, EMS, or SCADA system, through Modbus TCP, MQTT or SNMP). The PowerSync can measure up to 3000A on mains and 63A on branches (extendable to 200A). The PowerSync is highly scalable and can measure power on up to 372 branches on a single Gateway.

The new Power Meter is an upgraded version of its predecessor. Some notable features:

Same form factor.
Switchable ranges, meaning that only a single product is required for all sizes of split-core (EM-SC), and flexible-coil sensors (EM-FC), simplifying purchasing.
Higher accuracy.
Four-quadrant energy accounting per phase.
Device firmware is now field-upgradeable.
Power supply voltage range extension: 7-24VDC.

Some notable features of the Power Bar include:

Same form factor, enabling the same installation convenience.
Returns power parameters, given voltage reference (PowerSync).
Functions as the classic Current Bar in absence of voltage reference.
Device firmware is now field-upgradeable.
Power supply voltage range extension: 7-24VDC.
As a part of the official product release we have assembled a PowerSync Starter Kit, with the intention of enabling our clients to try out the concept in an easy manner. The Starter Kit includes all components of the PowerSync: Gateway, Power Meter, Power Bar (EB-312), power source, 3x Split Core CTs (80A) and Modbus Cables. This Starter Kit is available at a discount for EUR 440 and you can send us a request by e-mail to

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