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Remake renews the cooperation agreement with Elfatek

Photo from left: Antonio Morado, CEO of Elfatek and from ReMake Electric: Eggert Benedikt Gudmundsson, CEO, Torfi Mar Hreinsson, Business Development Director and Finnur Gudmundsson, VP of Sales and Marketing. ReMake Electric ehf and Elfatek have renewed their...

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Remake signs a cooperation agreement with Genia Global

Photo: Gabriel Butler, CEO of Genia Global Energy and Finnur Gudmundsson, VP of Sales and Marketing at ReMake. ReMake Electric ehf and Genia Global Energy have signed a cooperation agreement for the distribution of ReMake’s eTactica™ products throughout Spain. Genia...

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Remake Electric renews the cooperation agreement with Powena

ReMake Electric ehf and Powena ehf have renewed their agreement for the distribution of ReMake’s eTactica™ products throughout Denmark. ReMake signed the renewed reseller agreement with Powena last Friday, January 15, 2016. Both companies have worked closely together...

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Eggert Benedikt Gudmundsson joins ReMake Electric

Eggert Benedikt Gudmundsson has been appointed the CEO of ReMake Electric ehf. ReMake has successfully developed the eTactica energy management system which is a leading solution in its field worldwide. The current company strategic focus is on building a strong sales...

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Optimising operational efficiency at the Blue Lagoon

The eTactica energy monitoring system was installed at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland in 2012. They are monitoring their entire establishment, but in this article we dig into their daily maintenance and have chosen to specifically explore the devices in their kitchen and...

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Our first energy monitoring partner event a success

In March we had partners from 10 different countries and companies throughout Europe brave the Icelandic winter and come visit us here in Reykjavik. Thankfully the weather was uncharacteristically great, which we credit to our Portuguese partners. But forget the...

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