Power Bar EB

Power Bar EB

The EB is a compact AC current and power measurement device that enables accurate monitoring of every breaker of interest, without taking up any DIN-rail space.

Powerbar EB-303, 306 & 312

The EB is a compact AC current and power measurement platform.  Providing an industry standard Modbus/RTU interface, each device has a unique identifier, easily allowing integration into your existing Modbus infrastructure. When used in an eTactica PowerSync network, the EB works as a full power measurement device, gaining active/reactive energy and power factor on every channel. In an individual installation the EB works as a current meter, without supplying the power measurements.

  • Fits on top of all standard circuit breakers.
  • Available in 3/6/12 channel versions
  • Provides Current, cos phi and active/reactive energy for every channel
  • Interface: Modbus RTU, default 19200,8E1
  • Power source: wide input, 5-24V DC
  • Compact moulded current transformers included
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale signal @25°C
  • Variables provided – standard feature: Current per channel and Ambient temperature
  • Variables provided – as part of an eTactica PowerSync network: Active energy import/export per channel, Reactive energy import/export per channel and Phase angle per channel



Frequently Asked Questions

How many circuits can be measured by one Power Bar?  

The Power Bar comes in three different sizes, EB-303 for 3 circuits, EB-306 for 6 circuits and EB-312 for 12 circuits 

How much space does the Power Bar take inside electrical cabinet? 

The Power Bar does not take up any DIN rail space inside the electrical cabinet. It is simply placed on-top of the circuit breakers.  

What are the outputs from the Power Bar?  

By default, the outputs are current for every channel. When the Power Bar is used with the eTactica Power Meter (EM) and the eTactica  EG-200, it also gives cos-phi, and active/reactive energy measurements for each channel. The EB also measures enviromental temperature.  

What is the accuracy of the EB?  

The accuracy is +/- 1% of full scale signal at 25 C 

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