Split Core CTs


Split Core CTs

For use with EM power meters. Our Split Core CTs are Available in three window sizes and rated for 80A to 500A.

Split Core CTs

The split core current transformers produce a scaled down AC current in the secondary windings that is directly proportional to the AC current in the primary conductor around which they are placed. These transformers are safely and easily installed over existing electrical power lines without disconnecting lines or otherwise interrupting service.
The output to the Power Meter is in the mA range and they have internal overvoltage protection to limit the maximum unburdened voltage output to a safe level. They are designed to fit into confined spaces whilst the primary conductor is still live. They are compact design with a mechanical hinge for multiple opening and closing actions.

  • Accuracy 1%
  • Lead wire 1m AWG24
  • Window sizes (mm): 10, 24 and 36
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Non-contact measurement
  • No need to disconnect cables during installation


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the window sizes on the CTs?

The window sizes are 10, 24 and 36mm

What is the accuracy?

The accuracy is 1%

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