Remake renews the cooperation agreement with Elfatek

Photo from left: Antonio Morado, CEO of Elfatek and from ReMake Electric: Eggert Benedikt Gudmundsson, CEO, Torfi Mar Hreinsson, Business Development Director and Finnur Gudmundsson, VP of Sales and Marketing.
ReMake Electric ehf and Elfatek have renewed their cooperation agreement for the distribution of ReMake’s eTactica™ products throughout Portugal.
Elfatek is reselling the eTactica™ solution in Portugal and has a broad base of local specialists for the installation of the eTactica™ solution. Elfatek also provides energy consultancy services including reports and analysis based on data received from the eTactica™ system.
ReMake Electric produces eTactica™, a branch circuit monitoring (BCM) solution providing device level energy measurements. It enables businesses to optimise their energy consumption and improve system level performance and facility operations. The sensors are both affordable and easy to install into new or existing installations. They provide real-time data of electricity flow on every circuit, transmitting the data to an easy-to-use, web based analytics software.
ReMake is looking forward to further cooperation with Elfatek.
About ReMake
ReMake Electric helps organizations to understand and optimize their energy usage and improve system level performance and facility operations. Our innovative solutions measure, monitor and record electricity flow on individual circuit in real time, without the installation of any new infrastructure. That is dynamic, detailed energy intelligence that enables our customers to deliver better services, meet sustainability targets, and save money. Founded in 2009, ReMake Electric is a privately owned company with headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland.
About Elfatek
Elfatek specialises in customised energy management solutions and consulting services. Elfatek has established strong sales channels, through direct sales and by working with leading partners in electrical management.
For more information, please contact:
ReMake Electric
phone: +354 535 3000
Phone: +351 916 286 150

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