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Software update for Gateway EG-200

Five years of updates, both adding features and fixes for your gateway product. What’s new in the latest update?

Today we’ve released another software update for the gateway product, EG-200, version 2.30.1. This marks the five years of updates for this product, and we intend to continue!

What’s new in this release?

As with all of our updates, the core operating system, based on OpenWrt has been updated, in this case to version 21.02 This gives us the lastest Linux kernel updates and OpenSSL security patches.

Other fixes and features:

  • Charging: bug fix in overcapacity assignment
  • The Dexma, SenseOne and Database outputs now have the option of writing power, not just voltage/current/energy
  • Database output supports more diagnostics
  • Power Sync Network more robust to modbus errors.
  • UI now allows adding a “site tag” to the banner line
  • Various UI cleanups to avoid jumping text

What have we done in prior releases?

Just as a reminder, we don’t just do security and bug fixes in our updates, we’ve been steadily adding features over the last five years as well, here’s just a few things you might have missed:

How to upgrade?

As always, your gateway can automatically fetch this update by logging onto the web UI, and choosing Setup->Updates

This will offer you the latest version, and an option to keep your settings.