There are no more barriers into smart energy solutions. Thanks to eTactica

We’re the common sense solution for your smart energy needs: low CapEx, fast installation, proven ROI

We design the smallest meters in the world

We design the smallest meters in the world

Our Power Meter EM uses only two DIN rail units in your cabinet. Our EB Power Bar even fits on top of circuit breakers.

Our components seamlessly integrate with any system via the industry-standard Modbus/RTU interface

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Wired or wireless

Connect via wi-fi, ethernet, or even stay offline with a micro SD card. You can read from and write to any Modbus device — you’ll love the flexibility of our Linux Gateway EG

About the Gateway EG
Wired or wireless

Discover how easy it is to:

  • Install eTactica meters
  • Install eTactica gateways
  • Monitor usage

Relatable data. Big insights

Our customizable dashboards provide the insight and analysis you need, instantly — making your next steps more efficient

eTactica Dashboard
Relatable data. Big insights

P. S. eTactica is completely

<p>P. S. eTactica is <strong>completely</strong></p>

No vendor lock-in

Use our product with virtually any BMS, EMS or SCADA system on the market. Get set-up within minutes

Plug into any system

Use eTactica’s solutions alongside third-party products

Integrate with any software

Add energy monitoring capabilities to your software and services by simply integrating with our products