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The world smallest power meter

The eTactica Power Bar takes up zero space on a Din-rail, it’s capable of measuring current and power on 3/6/12 channels

Current meter

The Bar is a smart device that continuously monitors up to 12 current transformer inputs, calculating RMS AC current, with 1% accuracy or better. New readings are available every 100ms. Communication with the Bar is via industry standard Modbus/RTU for easy integration into existing systems out of the box.

Temperature meter

Each Bar also includes an onboard temperature sensor, which can be used for electrical cabinet environmental monitoring. Absolute accuracy is +-3°C, but stability and linearity are flat, perfectly suited for relative condition monitoring.

Power meter

When the Bar is used in conjunction with eTactica Gateway and PowerMeter (“PowerSync”), high accuracy synchronization routines are used to coordinate the voltage phase information from the PowerMeter with each channel on the Bar. Combined with the Digital Signal Processing on the Bar, this allows the power factor to be calculated for every channel, allowing the full set of power metrics, V,I,pf to be calculated, and also active and re-active energy to be calculated.

Devices automatically store energy readings per channel in durable EEPROM, preserving them in case of power outages.

The PowerSync network is highly scalable and can measure up to 372 branches with only one Gateway and one Power Meter by adding additional Power Bars to the setup.

World smallest

Physically, the Bar mounts on top of existing circuit breakers, taking up zero DIN rail space, and is so slim at 25mm (max high) that it easily fits in standard breaker panels without extra vertical space. Different length variants are available to fit most common arrangements of breakers, 3, 6 and 12 channels wide.

Using the PowerBar standalone

As a standalone device, the Bar is an industry standard Modbus/RTU device. Each device has it’s own unique serial number, printed on the device, and used as the Modbus unit address.

Communication is by default 19200/8E1, but can be configured from 600 baud through to 115200, with even/odd/none parity options available, to make it as easy as possible to integrate into your existing BMS/SCADA system.

Standalone, the Bar can provide:
* up to 12 channels of RMS AC Current readings, with 1% accuracy, updated at 5Hz.
* Onboard temperature reading, useable as a proxy for cabinet environment temperature.

The Bar is powered by wide input 5-24V DC, +-10% so can be easily integrated into your existing site infrastructure.

Plug and play

For connecting the devices, eTactica provides pre-wired cabling harnesses, allowing plug-and-play operation for most use cases. Cabling options include bare-wire ends, to ease integration into your own systems.
To ease integration further, the Bar ships with a pluggable screw terminal block, allowing customized cabling where desired.

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