Prevent equipment failure

Monitor your equipment and get real-time, critical system alerts before it’s too late

What is asset monitoring?

With any EMS solution, your appliances and equipment need to perform optimally, which is why critical components in your business need asset monitoring. Equipment failure is not only a functional setback, it’s a financial setback too

  • Prevent unexpected failures on your production lines
  • Extend your equipment’s product lifecycle
  • Ensure quality control knowing that your equipment is working as it should

How it works

With a newly build or an existing implementation, eTactica’s real-time asset monitoring provides easily configured alerts for equipment critical to your business’ success

  • Set configurable triggers for critical alerts
  • Normalize equipment behaviour by tracking historical parameters and establish a baseline for power consumption goals
  • Use asset monitoring to predict component failure
  • Make sure your equipment is performing exactly in accordance with your calibrations: set alerts according to your own performance metrics

Cloud dashboard

Our software doesn’t require a dedicated installation with additional hardware for hosting, and there are no hidden costs or maintenance costs.

Gateway EG

The EG-200 is an open Linux gateway, with RS485 Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and MQTT, HTTP & SNMP interfaces.

Power Meter EM

Use the Power Meter to measure branches up to 3000A, using a standard Modbus-RTU to provide voltage, current, power factor and frequency data for 1-3 phases, as well as temperature.

Power Bar EB

The EB is a compact AC current and power measurement device that enables accurate monitoring of every breaker of interest, without taking up any DIN-rail space.

Split Core CT

For use with EM power meters. Our Split Core CTs are available in three window sizes and rated from 80A to 500A.

Flexible Coils

The flexible coil current transformers are based on the Rogowski principle and have been designed for accurate, non-invasive measurement of AC current.


The premade Modbus cables by eTactica are designed to make it easier to set up Modbus devices that use Molex connectors.