eTactica can integrate with any system

We make data, energy-capturing software and hardware integrate perfectly into your current solution, giving you extended capability and value for improving your existing system

Ways to integrate

With no vendor lock-in, we designed our products with you in mind. Get the most out of your current solution

Integrate with other hardware

By using industry standard open interfaces our gateway can work with third-party meters, as well as third-party gateways — and vice versa

Integrate with your software

Our gateway can send real-time data to any destination using any standard open protocol (like MQTT, SNMP, HTTPS)

Plug-ins and SDK available

Our SDK and comprehensive documentation makes it easy to add additional functionalities and integrations to our Linux powered gateway

Integrations don’t stop with electricity

We designed the Gateway EG with third-party energy meters in mind. eTactica’s software and hardware can incorporate gas, flow, or temperature meters.

Use ready-made plugins for a wide variety of third-party devices or add support for any Modbus device with our SDK

We guarantee to keep installation costs at a minimum, ensuring the solution is optimally and effectively implemented

From solution consultation to full-blown hardware and software system integration, eTactica will be there to support you throughout the entire process

Cloud dashboard

Our software doesn’t require a dedicated installation with additional hardware for hosting, and there are no hidden costs or maintenance costs.

Gateway EG

The EG-200 is an open Linux gateway, with RS485 Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and MQTT, HTTP & SNMP interfaces.

Power Meter EM

Use the Power Meter to measure branches up to 3000A, using a standard Modbus-RTU to provide voltage, current, power factor and frequency data for 1-3 phases, as well as temperature.

Power Bar EB

The EB is a compact AC current and power measurement device that enables accurate monitoring of every breaker of interest, without taking up any DIN-rail space.

Split Core CT

For use with EM power meters. Our Split Core CTs are available in three window sizes and rated from 80A to 500A.

Flexible Coils

The flexible coil current transformers are based on the Rogowski principle and have been designed for accurate, non-invasive measurement of AC current.


The premade Modbus cables by eTactica are designed to make it easier to set up Modbus devices that use Molex connectors.