Visit to Data Centre World 2020 | eTactica

Visit to Data Centre World 2020

The sales team presented our solutions at Data Centre World exhibition in London 11-12 March 2020.

Successful visit at a challenging time

eTactica’s sales team presented our solutions at the Data Centre World exhibition in London, 11-12 March 2020. The fair started in the shadow of the Corona virus. The first day was not as busy as expected based on registrations, but our team still had discussions and meetings with many of our customers and prospects during the first day. Our solution helps Data Centers to understand their energy consumption, act on abnormal incidents and, allocate cost fairly, is a great fit for their day to day challenges.  On top of those known needs, the AI and reporting capabilities got some attention from the visitors.

The second day collapsed

The second day of the exhibition was heavily affected by the Corona virus. The hall was almost empty and few days later UK was shut down with “Stay Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lifes, ” program in forefront. Due to the situation in south Europe at the time our team had prepared to keep us and our visitors safe. We tried to keep social distancing rules at the booth; no hand shakes allowed, no handout of business cards, and sanitizers for everyone. This exhibition was the last one in London before the shutdown. Our team came back to Iceland healthy and we hope none of the visitors, exhibitors or the brave staff got infected during the show.

ExCel Exhibition repurposed into NHS Nightingale Hospital.

In the fight against the coronavirus, London’s ExCeL exhibition centre has been rapidly repurposed into an emergency COVID-19 facility, the NHS Nightingale Hospital, in order to treat and support thousands more patients. The facility was officially opened on 3 April by the Prince of Wales who said the hospital “offers an intensely practical message of hope for those who will need it most at this time of national suffering.”

Tackling the shortfall of hospital beds in London, 500 beds were set up in nine days at the centre and the number will increase over the next few weeks, rising to a total of 4,000 beds.

Many things will change

We at eTactica and other exhibitors that have had exhibitions as big part of their visibility need to rethink their market strategy. It is a fact that many things will change. The fairs and exhibitions we are used to will not disappear but things will be done differently. We will give less handshakes, less equipment to minimize touch areas, minimal exchange of paper like business cards, etc. We believe the booths will will be designed to be eyecatchy and create interest to talk to exhibitors and visit their websites or apps.

Until next time, stay safe.