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Who needs ISO 50001?

No one is required to adopt ISO 50001 certification; it is a voluntary standard for those who cares about sustainability and operational cost.  The standard helps organizations to take control of their energy consumption, minimize energy waste and cost.

If you want to minimize your CO2 emissions and operational cost, you should start investigating ISO 50001, which provides ready-to-go best practise methods for reducing your environmental impact. ISO50001 incorporates all aspects of your operations, while the subset ISO50004 places focus on your electrical energy management.

Professionals who have implemented these standards tend to highlight following as key benefits:

  • Cost savings – derived from reduction of energy consumption and production cost.
  • Reduction of CO2 emission – towards sustainable operation goals.
  • Compliance with legislation – Certain countries have specific energy efficiency requirements.
  • Standing out against competitors – tender requirements are more environmental focused.
  • Enhancement of company image – customers, suppliers and shareholders do care about businesses global footprint.
  • Tax rebates – national goverments frequently provide tax benefits to companies demonstrating adherence to ISO50001.

Key elements of success

The most successful implementations happen when everyone from top management to floor workers share the same vision and are in it together.  When you manage to get everyone to understand the commitment needed, and be a part of the planning and implementation process, you can build the momentum that will secure long term success and continuous improvement. The image below describes this management cycle.

eTactica is the right partner for you

US at eTactica can help you achieve your goals by providing you with the solution you need to monitor and understand your electric consumption. Our solution can also incorporate additional data, for example from water and gas meters and present this and manage in one comprehensive cloud platform. The Dexma cloud platform we offer is designed to help customers address needs that are key elements of ISO 50001 methods and requirements.

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